My name is David Mogolov.

I do comedy and theater, usually at the same time. I write and perform comedic monologues, which is like stand up (but often seated) and like theater (but affordable).

What's New?

Three things:

1) I've launched a new site called Out of Stock, where I have creative friends make new work based on stock photography I provide. We had a great live event, and I hope to post the new works from that soon! 

2) I've recently been writing for the Boston Globe, as co-columnist on an parenting advice thing. You can see the first of those here.

3) I've got an ebook! It's called This Could Have Gone Worse, and you should immediately get copies for yourself and your entire extended family. You can also get it from Amazon, here. The book consists largely of the heavily annotated scripts for There Is No Good News, Dumber Faster, and Eating My GarbageIt's absolutely the best collection of my work ever self-published.



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