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This Could Have Gone Worse: Mogologues, 2010-2014

A free ebook that suckers used to pay $5 for.

by David Mogolov, annotated by Steve Kleinedler


In 2010, David Mogolov began a series of three comedic monologues that left audiences questioning their life decisions small and large, from their flossing habits to their anger at Ponzi schemers. A hilarious, deep dive into the limits of human rationality, Mogolov's comedy also presents history's most thorough analysis of the smell of a Subway sandwich.

In This Could Have Gone Worse, the trilogy of shows is annotated and expanded with commentary on how they were written and produced, with an honest account of what failed and what succeeded, and why. The notes and new chapters look at it from both the perspective of Mogolov and his director, Steve Kleinedler.

Anybody interested in writing and performing comedy is likely to find the book insightful and funny.

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This book is HEAVILY footnoted, and the footnotes constitute much of the text. In the PDF, they're traditional footnotes, on the same page. In the EPUB and MOBI files, they're end notes, and nicely linked both ways so you can just click the links or use your reader's functionality. Whatever you like. 

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