I Got in a Fight

“I wasn’t looking for a fight. I’d just stopped at a CVS on the way to a movie. I was looking for Swedish Fish, and for a gift for a friend who’d been a little uptight lately. I selected an Oscar the Grouch rectal thermometer. A little crass, but perfect for the circumstance.”

I Got in a Fight brings together tales of fights, violence and injury to illustrate a surefire five-step process for making your way through a world full of people just looking for an excuse to punch you in the face. Drawing on parking lot brawls with drunken rednecks, moshpit accidents, London barfights and a childhood spent evaluating pediatric emergency rooms, Mogolov’s advice may not sound like wisdom, but it’s not entirely stupid.


  • Written and performed by David Mogolov. Directed by Steve Kleinedler.
  • Original music by Ryan Walsh.
  • Opened September 2004 at ImprovBoston.
  • Led to a Spring 2005 spinoff “I Got in a Fight: Special Corporate Edition.”

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