It's hard to get out, right?

Thinking about just staying home? I get it. What if it stinks? I'm right there with you. Another guy telling you to come listen to him talk from a stage? Why would you do that to yourself? 

Well, I'm still asking! But because I, too, am wary of wasting an evening, I offer you this confidence-bolstering list of nice things the press has said about my shows, so that you don't have to take my word for it:

  • "Well-written, with a great facility with language and turns of phrase, and well-performed, Clenched is sharp, stimulating satire that is both smart and laugh-out-loud funny." — Culture Catch
  • "Mogolov has an incredible rapport with his audience and a knack for comedic storytelling. He has them eating out of the palm of his hand." — Theater In the Now
  • "Carefully constructed and fucking hilarious." — DigBoston
  • "In his comic delivery, he deftly weaves between being a political firebrand and being the most interesting guest at the party." — New England Theatre Geek

  • "The man thinks too much and it's not good for him, but a boon for us, sort of like George Carlin in that way." — TheaterJones 

  • "...looks at the fragmented state of the Union with wit and intelligence and  a wry sensibility that blends the naive optimism and weathered cynicism that is so characteristic of America in the 21st century." — NYTheater Now
  • "Eating My Garbage... has all the elements that make off-Broadway theater worth going to: great material, great direction and great performance." —
  • A "master class in hyperloquacious cynicism" — Cambridge Day
  • “a dizzying monologue that integrates personal stories and philosophical quandaries with hilarious results.” — The Apiary

  • “…what slips out in his torrent of words is an acute consciousness of failings or potential failings, in him and in society.” — Cambridge Day

  • "Sometimes quiet, sometimes explosive, his voice draws the audience in and captivates them.” — Stagebuzz

  • “But it’s not just a comedic piece; it’s razor sharp in its wit and cynicism in a manner reminiscent of David Sedaris, Dennis Miller, Brian Unger, and Bill Maher.” — The Happiest Medium

  • “Mogolov’s strength is his slick wit combined with an effectively dry, rapid-fire delivery that gets the audience deep into a joke without their necessarily seeing it coming. … The thinky-ness of Mogolov’s humor is the heart of his piece’s charm” —

  • "He has a born raconteur's gift of blab, and an easy narrative tone—and he loves the crowd." — Boston Magazine

So give it a try? Or, if you're more of a reader, get three shows in handy ebook format!