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1. Go to this page at the Doctors Without Borders site.

2. Give $5 or more.

3. Check your email. You want the one with the subject line “Thank you from Doctors Without Borders”. Open that email. At the bottom of your email will be a disclaimer. That last word of that disclaimer (without the period) is your password.

4. Click here and enter the password.  

What do you get? You get a single video file that contains:

  • 3 minutes of historically inept, amateurish, and blessedly skippable hosting by me
  • 12 minutes of the hilarious Josh Gondelman
  • 15 minutes of the multitalented Veronica Ades (seriously, she can tell a story that’ll pull you three ways and then she can perform major surgery on you)
  • all 52 minutes of Dumber Faster
  • some sense of self-respect for supporting a good cause

(Obviously, you could pretty easily get this download without giving $5 to Doctors Without Borders. My hope is that you won’t do that. That’s $5 to stop preventable illnesses from crippling children, or to help refugees get needed medicine and surgeries, or help mothers safely deliver their babies. The money goes directly from you to the charity, which they use to equip and send badass doctors out to help people who lack the means to download a comedy show. So, even if you know how to get around my fifty cent security, click and give.)

The video was produced by Clyde Media Productions.
The title art was drawn by Aaron Kovalcsik of Monkey Chow